Essentials to Know About Home Maintenance and Its Cost

Essentials to Know About Home Maintenance and Its Cost

Aside from being one of life’s essentials, your home can be an investment of a lifetime. Though this structure can bring everyday life of the family the needed protection and comfort that even extends to other great benefits such as entertainment, relaxation and even luxury; many still overlook the importance of home maintenance. Keep in mind that homeownership does not end at purchasing a New York house but extends to caring for and managing the property to enjoy maximized beauty, functionality, coziness, as well as great return by resale time. So whether you are in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Manhattan know and implement the fundamentals of home maintenance and its cost and reap the rewards.

There can never be two houses that are entirely the same-considering not only construction and design but also the requirements and preferences of different homeowners and families. Thus, there are various ways to go about home repair and maintenance and there would always be a difference in costs from one house to another.

Home Maintenance… Why?

Though the answer is obvious, many still do not understand the full extent of the risks that they are exposing their homes and families to by not sticking religiously to home maintenance. Other than helping the fast deterioration of the house and its components, thus decreasing the possible life that your house will last and its livability, not keeping homes in good working condition also poses emergency repairs that are often costly and huge, as well as health and safety hazards to the household.

Home Maintenance Checklist

To keep your homes in good working condition all throughout the year, here is list of crucial areas that should become a part of your bi-annual property evaluation and home maintenance:

Roofing and gutters
Chimneys and fireplaces
HVAC systems – Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
Plumbing fixtures
Windows, doors and sidings
Foundation and walls
Safety equipment – fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc.

Home Maintenance Cost

Home maintenance cost, each year, for average homes range from 1% to 3% of the overall value of the house and still changes depending on the age of the house. As the age of the structure increases, so does the home maintenance cost.

Having a good idea on how much to budget for maintenance is important. Aside from scheduled cleaning, replacements and tune-ups; it is also important to leave an allowance for unexpected repairs. Unexpected repairs are inevitable and getting caught off-hand can get you into financial trouble.

How to Save on Home Maintenance Cost

As they all would say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and this is what home maintenance is all about. To avoid an overstated expense, creating a checklist and religiously sticking to it is important. This schedule should include weekly, monthly, bi-annual and yearly chores and tasks. Aside from lined-up tasks, make a regular evaluation of the property and house to know if any area is needing attention. The best way to save on home repair and maintenance cost is to avoid the aggravation of whatever damage.

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A Swimming Pool Fence that Gives Assured Safety and Protection

It is pretty evident that a swimming pool fence is an absolute necessity for families where children are left unsupervised for long hours. If you have a swimming pool at your home, it is advised that you get a pool fence around the area immediately. Fencing a pool will surely give you hundred percent assurance that your children are safe from the hazards of drowning at all costs. There are many experts in the field of swimming pool fence in the Brisbane and they can help pool owners choose from a wide variety of fencing material like steel, mesh, and glass.
The Australian Government has made it mandatory for every pool owner to have to fence around their swimming pools. The government is very serious about its role in enforcing the law on swimming pool fences. All Brisbane pool fencing companies must stick to the law or they stand the chance of being prosecuted. Quality control is of utmost importance as all the suppliers are required to provide a product that meets the standards. On the other hand, the pool owners must ensure that their fences meet the standard set by the government. The fine for disobeying the law is pretty steep; if he/she does not comply.

The choice of a fence and safety equipment in the market is huge, to say the least; however, fencing continues to be the most popular choice. Some of the owners also like to install pool alarms, which go off whenever an unauthorized person enters the pool. Perimeter alarms require individuals to enter a security code before entering the pool area or else they go off. But the pool alarm systems are not as effective as the fences. Sometimes children might sneak behind their parent’s back and get into the pool but the swimming pool fence prevents that from happening. Steel pool fences are best suited for families with little children and pets and provide a complete security cover that prevents children from getting into trouble.
For most of the pool owners, the swimming pool is a style statement that enhances the visual appeal of their home. So it goes without saying that most of them do not want to spoil the beauty of their swimming pool by installing fences around it. There are quite a lot of choices in swimming pool fence in Brisbane that you can safely explore without interfering with the aesthetic appeal of your property. Some of the specialist companies provide the best-looking fences without compromising on the security aspect.
There are various types of fences to choose from starting with a steel fence, steel is the most robust of all and looks classy at the same time. Second to that is a glass fence that is made from toughened glass to provide maximum security, it also looks extremely modish. Apart from these two, there are simple aluminium fences or fences that offer a mix of aluminium and glass that are vigorous and conspicuous as well. In comparison to other swimming pool safety equipment, fences are one of the safest due to their advanced security features that are set out of reach of young children.
Although these fences aren’t cheap, they are a one-time investment. Every swimming pool has a different location, built on diverse surfaces and has dissimilar shapes. Nevertheless, all types of fences fit on top of any surface and shape. However, it is best to take any advice offered from a swimming pool fence expert to avoid making any costly mistakes that may have severe repercussions later.

facial hair removal

Facial hair removal it is a topic that has become very important to both women and men alike. For much facial hair is an embarrassing topic that is not often discussed. Instead of suffering through the various ways to conceal, it is important to take a look at the best facial hair removal tool.

To begin with, there are the traditional methods for removing facial hair. These include tweezing, shaving, bleach, and waxing. The problems with these methods are that they require upkeep on a regular basis and never actually solve the problem of getting rid of the hair on your face.

Also, these methods constantly irritate the skin of your face. Facial skin is some of the most important and damage prone skin on your body. Aside from the constant sun and wind damage, the tweezing, bleaching, and waxing further bothers the skin cells and can lead to additional redness that needs to be covered by makeup. Skin irritation can also lead to breakouts, which hurt the complexion even more.

Over the years more permanent solutions to facial hair removal have been invented and are constantly being improved upon.

Electrolysis is a newer system for hair removal that is effective in permanent removal of facial hair. An electrolysis device attacks the growth center of hair through heat energy. It creates discomfort while destroying the individual hair follicle.

A drawback for electrolysis is that it can be very time consuming and expensive. This procedure works on one hair follicle at a time, so removing all unwanted facial hair can take several sessions. Also, you will want a licensed and trained technician working on you, since this is not something you can do for yourself at home.

A newer type for removal is laser facial hair removal. This has become incredibly popular over the last several years due to being much faster and easier for the patient and technician. A benefit to being faster is that laser hair removal costs less per session because the time in the office is shorter.

Facial hair removal by laser is not as immediately permanent as the electrolysis, though. Each session with the laser will slow down the rate of growth and reduce the amount of hair growing, which is why 4-6 sessions are recommended to make hair growth virtually nonexistent. With that in mind, you still may need to shave tweeze on occasion, but the regular maintenance can decrease from every few days to every few months.

Even men are looking into facial hair removal these days. For guys that wear ties every day the buttoned up shirt can irritate the hard to shave neck area and lead to breakouts. Using laser hair removal below the jaw line allows men to avoid this as well as define a smooth beard line so that a beard or stubble look is easily maintained.

After reading this information, one understands the current information on facial hair removal,
and make sure to research your doctor and hair removal procedures before setting up your first session

Why Log Home Maintenance Is So IMPORTANT!

Why Log Home Maintenance Is So IMPORTANT!

Why Should I care about Log Home Maintenance?
We visit many log homes throughout the year. One thing you start to notice is the lack of maintenance on most of these homes. This can be disheartening for most customers when they ask for a proposal on maintenance and receive a proposal for the restoration of their log home because the existing finish was beyond maintainable condition. The truth of the matter is that this could have been avoided if proper maintenance was performed consistently.

The average maintenance cost is around $ 2,500 – $ 3,000 bi-annually. Sometimes this price is lower and sometimes it can be higher it just depends on how the log home finish and sealants weathered over the past couple of years. Some owners may find themselves needing maintenance every year on select hotspots around the home in order to keep the stain performing to its fullest.

What is Log Home Maintenance?
Log home maintenance is the overall upkeep on a log shell to ensure there is proper protection from damaging UV radiation, water damage, air infiltration, and insect and rodent intrusion. Maintenance also ensures the log cabin looks the way it did the first day it was finished.

One part of maintenance that really helps to extend the life of stains and sealants is a yearly wash of your log home. This removes any surface contaminants such as dust, pollen, bird feces, and insect remains (webs, egg sacs, skeletons, etc.) that will wear the finish prematurely. Washing the home is also a good time to locate any areas of failed caulking or chinking and provide an overall assessment of the condition of the log home stain to get an idea of what walls or areas need a maintenance coat of stain.

A good way to assess the condition of a log home finish is to wait for the building to dry after being washed. Once dry you must understand what type of log home stain is on your building. If you have an oil based stain you should be looking at the knots and checks on the walls. These areas will turn blonde when the finish is wearing off and this indicates that you should apply one to two maintenance coats of stain. Some oil based stains now offer a clear maintenance coat and this is the better route to take but it only works if the stain is not worn to bare wood.

If you have a waterborne latex based stain on your building you should be looking at the glossiness of the finish. Once the finish is dull you should apply a clear maintenance coat to these areas.

When caulking or chinking is failed or failing around the building you should mark these spots out and remove the bad areas of caulking or chinking with a knife or razor. This will allow the area behind the sealant to properly dry out since moisture was most likely the reason the sealant is not adhering to the logs. Once dry apply backer rod to the log joint and apply caulk or chink to the area making sure to match the existing caulking or chinking line. This should be done before applying the maintenance coat of stain unless you have white chinking.

And of course a good window washing should always go with your maintenance!

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